Staying Healthy and Active

 Last March when COVID hit and we were ordered home, I felt very fortunate to live in an area that we were still able to get outside and walk/ run within our neighborhood. I was just short a month from going to my first Boston which was a heartbreaker but was fighting a shin injury so used the time to slow down and heal. I also thankfully have a yard and made myself spend time outside every day doing yard work.

It became a personal mantra to accomplish a “daily activity”, indoors when needed but to keep moving. Doing something every day was new for me. But like most habits that take time, now I find it difficult if I miss a day.

I’ve also expanded into other sports over the year, such as paddle boarding and Nordic skiing. Setting personal goals beyond the daily activity has kept me motivated as well as sharing with others whether virtual or through social distanced activities. My mental health has held strong despite the ever changing world around us and I really owe that to paying attention to the physical health and activity to give some focus. As a possible Boston first opportunity approaches, I still have yet to see or know whether I will make the new cut, but also am not sure now how travel looks for October as events around the world slowly unfold.

The reality that it might not even be smart to leave Canada is real and disheartening after so much effort. But in the meantime, I am focusing on the today, the staying healthy and active and knowing that perhaps it may have to be a goal I work towards again in the future if it falls through. In the meantime, I’m filled with gratitude for the space and outdoor arenas that most of us Canadians can access amidst these challenging times. Encouraging everyone to make the time to look after yourself and the rest will follow suit.

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